shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction treatment Sacramento

What is acoustic wave therapy, and how does it treat erectile dysfunction?

One of the primary causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) is a lack of blood flow to the penis. Since blood flow allows the penis to become erect when stimulated, impeded blood flow can lead to weak erections and erections that lose their rigidity more quickly. Much like prescription drugs, acoustic wave therapy helps to fight the lack of blood flow.

What is acoustic wave therapy?

Acoustic wave therapy is a proven technique for fighting the lack of blood flow that causes ED. It’s non-invasive, with acoustic waves penetrating the skin to trigger neovascularization in a targeted area (like directly in and around the penis). Neovascularization is a natural process that forms new blood vessels, thereby helping treat poor blood flow.

With acoustic wave therapy, men will see stronger and longer-lasting erections. Plus, after a full treatment, the results can last up to two to three years. Compare this to prescription drugs, like Viagra, which results begin fading after just 4-6 hours. In addition, the pill must be taken every time for it to be effective. Acoustic wave therapy, sometimes known as shock wave therapy, also has little to no side effects. Compared to the potentially serious side effects of prescription drugs, this is a clear advantage.

The Benefits 

If you’ve ever taken medication for ED, you can certainly understand the frustration of having to plan for the moment. Viagra and similar medications do not begin taking effect until about 30 minutes after they’ve been taken, and the results then only last up to 4 hours. With acoustic wave therapy, there’s no pill or medication to take.

Instead, you’ll schedule a treatment when it’s convenient for you and gradually realize the benefits. There’s no surgery, and there are little to no side effects. Also, there’s no downtime, the average session takes just 20 minutes, and most men only need about 6-12 treatments to see lasting results. 

How Does It Work?

After your consultation, a medical professional will take you to a private treatment room where they’ll start the therapy. You’ll need to wear a gown to allow access to the area. We will provide you with a numbing gel to apply to the area to ensure your comfort. The treatment will be completed with a handpiece, which will be painlessly moved over the area for about 20 minutes.

During treatment, your entire penis is treated. Most men report that the treatment is painless. You might feel a slight tingle, but nothing uncomfortable. We will give you a numbing gel to apply to assist with the tingling sensation. After 20 minutes, you’ll clean off the gel and get back to your day. There’s no downtime. 

Why Try Acoustic Wave Therapy? 

Acoustic wave therapy is a simple and effective treatment method for ED. At Peak Vitality our innovative acoustic wave treatment, known as VitalWave Therapy, is simple and done right in our office. As the technician moves across the treatment area, the acoustic waves will help stimulate regrowth, break up the plaque that’s impeding blood flow in existing vessels, and activate dormant cells to trigger new cell growth and improve circulation.

The result is a stronger, firmer, more sustainable erection that you’re able to achieve naturally and entirely on your own, without the need for any medication. If you would like to find out if VitalWave Therapy is right for you, contact us today for an in-depth consultation.


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