VitalWave Therapy


Living with erectile dysfunction (ED) can mean reduced sexual wellness, hindered performance, and even issues with self-confidence and masculinity. However, with a growing body of research and an increasing number of innovative solutions for ED , men are no longer forced to live with the potentially embarrassing and frustrating effects it can have on their lives.

Popular solutions for ED include oral medications, such as Cialis and Viagra, along with topical creams and injections to help enhance a man’s ability to get and sustain an erection. However, with new solutions coming to the market, many men agree that they don’t want to rely on these medications, which often ruin the spontaneity of intimacy due to their need to be used “in the moment.”

Fortunately, you are no longer limited by these options. At Peak Vitality, our men’s wellness experts are proud to offer a new therapy known as VitalWave. This therapy utilizes proven acoustic wave treatment to help patients who are facing the debilitating impact of ED. We recommend VitalWave for any man who is after a long-lasting, effective treatment that can treat more than just the symptoms and address the actual cause of erectile dysfunction.

Who is a candidate for VitalWave Therapy?

Any man suffering from erectile dysfunction should explore the potential benefits of acoustic wave therapy. As a non-surgical and non-invasive option, this treatment is available to men at any age.

VitalWave therapy can be performed as a stand-alone procedure or alongside other treatments. During your consultation, our professionals will listen to your concerns, help you set goals, and then make expert recommendations regarding the type or combination of treatment options that may be best for you.

How does VitalWave Therapy work?

The issue with most ED treatments is that they only offer a temporary reduction in symptoms. Acoustic wave therapy, on the other hand, works to solve the root of the problem. Most ED symptoms result from a lack of blood circulation to the genitals, which worsens as men age. With erections being a result of increased blood flow to the genitals, weakened or inefficient vessels can make achieving or sustaining an erection challenging, or even impossible.

Sometimes referred to as shockwave therapy, acoustic wave therapy uses the waves’ energy to stimulate the neovascularization process inside the penis. This process leads to the formation of new blood vessels, thereby improving blood flow to the genital region. Meanwhile, the waves also break down plaque that could be hindering blood flow in nearby vessels. The result is improved blood flow to the penis and, therefore, improved erections.

What can I expect from my VitalWave Therapy session?

This non-invasive treatment is not considered painful or uncomfortable by many patients. No anesthesia is required. The only sensation you may experience is a tingle in the areas being treated. To address the tingling sensation, we make a numbing cream available to our patients. To administer the treatment, your medical professional will apply a small probe to your penis, moving it around to target different areas of tissue. A typical treatment session lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. Best of all, no downtime is necessary. You can leave our office and get back to your routine immediately.

What Results Can I Expect?

Many men begin to notice changes after just one VitalWave treatment, but we begin to see ideal results after a series of at least six treatments. You can schedule one to two appointments per week, depending on your ED’s severity and your medical professional’s recommendations.

Once your treatments have been completed, expect to see continual improvement for several weeks thereafter as your body cleans out and builds new blood vessels in the treatment area. After the optimal number of treatments, full results will bring a drastic improvement to the firmness, duration, and frequency of your erections. Clinical studies of this technology have shown that results can last up to two years after your VitalWave treatments have been completed, but individual results vary. You may choose to repeat the procedure, as aging will continue to impact your circulation and cause ED symptoms to worsen or reappear over time.

Does erectile dysfunction impact your ability to enjoy a healthy sex life? If so, it’s time to take back control over your body and wellness. Using acoustic wave therapy, we’ll work together to address not just your symptoms, but the cause of the issue, so that you can enjoy better circulation and improved sexual performance. We offer customized treatment plans to meet your specific needs and goals, so what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today to learn more about this therapy and schedule a consultation.



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