Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


 In America alone, 30 million men suffer from ED. Many people believe that only older men get the disorder, but a 2-year study of outpatients at an Italian clinic found that 26% of men seeking treatment were less than 40 years old. It’s strikes men of all ages. If you experience erectile dysfunction, you’re not alone.  With our treatments, you can regain control of your sexual health.

An overview of erectile dysfunction

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as a man’s inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sufficient time to reach sexual climax. There are different kinds of erectile dysfunction. Some men cannot consistently achieve a full erection. Instead the erection may be fleeting or incomplete. Other men suffer from chronic erectile dysfunction. Such men fail to get an erection at all. Erectile dysfunction can have a negative impact on a man’s emotional health, self-worth and personal relationships.


There are many factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Just a few decades ago, erectile dysfunction (ED), was thought to have deep-rooted psychological issues. It’s now known that psychological issues are seldom the cause. More often, ED is the result of underlying physical conditions.  Different diseases and medical conditions, for example, can cause impotence.

Various lifestyle factors can cause erectile dysfunction. Obesity, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, smoking cigarettes and taking illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine can all lead to erectile dysfunction. There are even some FDA prescription drugs that can cause impotence. Examples of prescription drugs that impact a man’s ability to achieve an erection include high blood pressure medications and antidepressants.


By taking the initiative and changing his lifestyle, a man can help to treat his erectile dysfunction. Regular aerobic exercise and a low fat diet can do a great deal to eliminate impotence. Reducing stress levels via meditation or other self-care techniques can help too. It’s also a good idea to avoid nicotine, illicit drugs and excessive amounts of alcohol. However, for some men medication or medical intervention may be necessary.  Fortunately, in recent years ED treatment has come a long way. While prescription remedies have proven successful for ED, new research suggests that medication is not always the best option.

A New Approach to Treatment

Instead of seeing ED as an independent disorder, the most recent research examines at it as a symptom of impaired cardiovascular function. When plaque builds up and arteries become inflexible, blood flow is restricted throughout the body. Without adequate blood flow, erection becomes difficult or impossible. This is where VitalWave Treatment comes in. Using acoustic pressure waves, our treatment breaks up the plaque that has formed in the arteries of the penis. It also stimulates new blood vessel formation within the penis, creating paths for healthy blood flow.



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