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Men consistently report significant improvements in sexual performance with long lasting results.

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It’s our mission at Peak Vitality to make high quality erectile dysfunction treatments available for all men. We’re committed to affordable prices. Our prices are consistently 25- 50% lower than our competitors! You pay a lower price for the same great result!

Regain Spontaneity

Other treatments can take the spontaneity out of sex, requiring you to plan to take a pill or some other action in advance. With our treatment, there’s no need to plan ahead, you’ll be ready when the moment arises.

Long lasting results

Clinical studies have shown that results can last more than two years following the completion of your acoustic wave therapy treatments, but individual results can vary. You may repeat the procedure as necessary if aging affects your circulation or your symptoms of erectile dysfunction resurface.

Improved Sexual Function

Once your full results have been achieved, you will notice drastic improvements to the duration, firmness, and frequency of your erections (men also report a decreased recovery time between orgasms).

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Our Services

ED treatment Sacramento
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Don’t suffer in silence. At Peak Vitality we offer expert erectile dysfunction treatment at an affordable price.

shockwave therapy ED sacramento
VitalWave Therapy

An innovative approach to erectile dysfunction treatment, acoustic wave therapy treats the cause of ED to produce long lasting results.